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We’re committed to doing good things for the communities where we live, work and play. Gainwell Cares is giving back by partnering with nonprofits that share our passion for helping people lead happy, healthier lives.

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The Giving Program supports our communities in six ways:

  1. Builds strong, thriving communities where Gainwell employees live and work
  2. Promotes healthcare equity by providing access to quality healthcare for all
  3. Addresses healthcare disparities in underserved communities
  4. Develops innovative technologies that change the way healthcare is provided
  5. Focuses on health and human services, including diversity, equity and inclusion
  6. Provides aid and support to communities impacted by natural disasters

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below provide additional information about the Gainwell Cares Giving Program and the application process.

1. What are the criteria for grant assistance?

Organizations submitting applications must have current tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) or 509(a) of the United States Internal Revenue Code or the international equivalent.

In addition, grant proposals must:
• Support one of the six focus areas outlined above
• Clearly describe how the grant funds will be used
• Demonstrate a strategy with clear program goals, objectives and action plans
• Include a method to track and measure program outcomes
• Demonstrate fiscal responsibility

2. What characteristics do the most competitive proposals share?

The strongest proposals address the following questions:

• How does the program or initiative include the community and Gainwell’s employees?
• How will your program or initiative benefit the communities you serve? If awarded a grant, how will you measure the results of your program or initiative?
• How will you communicate the results of your program or initiative to key community stakeholders?
• How will your organization leverage Gainwell Cares resources to encourage giving from other entities?

3. What types of organizations and projects are not eligible?

Gainwell Cares does not provide support for the following:

• Individual aid or personal support
• Lobbying, partisan organizations, committees or candidates in/or seeking political office
• Labor or fraternal organizations
• Religious or evangelical organizations
• Trade associations
• Organizations that conflict with Gainwell’s non-discrimination policy
• Capital campaigns
• Endowments or private foundations
• Research projects
• For-profit organizations seeking marketing, advertising or political support
• Fundraising events, galas or dinners

4. May I send my request directly to an executive, representative, or employee?

Applications and grant requests may not be submitted to Gainwell executives, employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, or other representatives. Grant requests may only be submitted for consideration by email during the open grant cycle.

5. When must applications be received?

Applications must be received by 11:59PM Central Standard Time on the last date of the grant cycle. Applications may not be submitted before the first date of which the grant cycle opens.

6. May I submit requests throughout the year?

Grant requests may not be submitted outside of the open grant cycle.

7. May I mail my grant request for consideration?

All grant requests and applications must be submitted via the online application portal.

8. Are grants transferable?

Grants are non-transferrable and may only be issued to the organization approved for the grant request and used for the purpose submitted and approved on the application and/or proposal.

9. How will I know the status of my application?

You will receive notification by email.

10. When will I be contacted about the status of my application?

We will notify applicants approximately six to eight weeks after the grant cycle ends.

11. Will I receive full or partial funding?

Funding for approved grants may vary by project, program, organization, and available funds. Gainwell Cares reserves the right to approve grants to organizations in either the partial or full amount.

12. What documents will my organization need to submit?

Your organization will need to submit proof of an approved 501(c)(3) status. Your organization may be requested to submit operating documents which outline your board of directors and their roles, organization location, and purpose. In addition, you may be required to submit documents pertaining to the program for which you are requesting funding.

13. I am an individual requesting financial support. Can I apply for a grant?

Gainwell Cares provides financial support to nonprofit organizations. Individuals are not eligible.

14. My funding request does not fall within any of Gainwell Cares’ strategic focus areas. How do I submit my request?

To be considered for a grant, your organization must align with one of Gainwell Cares’ six areas of focus.

15. Why might my funding request be denied?

Grant requests may be denied based on the volume of requests received, or because the request doesn’t align with Gainwell’s mission.

16. May I apply for multiyear funding?

Currently, Gainwell Cares does not approve multiyear funding requests.

17. What if I miss the deadline?

Please apply during the next open grant cycle.

18. If approved, when will I receive funding?

Funding will be available approximately two to four weeks upon the successful submission of all required documents and signatures.

We invite your organization to join us in making a positive difference in people's lives.

Organizations with 501(c)(3) and 509(a) tax-exempt status under the United States Internal Revenue Code or the international equivalent are invited to apply for a Gainwell Cares grant.

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